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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blue moon pendant necklaces

These are some necklaces that I made using blue moon pendants.

The owl pendant is from Michaels as well as all the beads, the stone is dyed and the little ones are hematite

I also got the pendant and some of the beads from Michaels. The only thing from beadaholique are those gemstone like grey rondelles

This is an awesome peacock pendant(I loveee peacocks) i got from fire mountain, along with all of the other beads. The pendant and coinshaped beads also by blue moon beads selled out super quick, afterall they were all about 1 to 2 bucks! the pearls re black freshwater pearls, 36 inch knotted strand mix with cream ones.

 The cross was given to me by my aunt, its from on of the blue moon collections, or possibly halcraft, those bead strands and pendants that are sometimes 2 for 5 or 2 for 3. The beads are all assorted mainly from the one to two beads leftover from other necklaces and a beadaholique assortment. In my opinion Fire mountain gems ( www.firemountaingems.com ) is the best, they have EVERYTHING, GREAT PRICES THAT ARE ALLLL ASSORTABLE, meaning you buy more AND save more. I also love Beadaholique (www.beadaholique.com) they carry nifty random different things, especially those awesome cameos, vintage german ones too!! One company that has good things from time to time is exholite, I was fulled by their "metal" objects to hold cameos and cabochons, so not worth it for me at least I expected solid like fire mountain not hallowed in the back. The have nifty little trinkets, my uncle once gave me a set of painted eggs (I'll see if i can remember to photograph them) an I once saw and bought a set of their painted serpentine eggs with similar beautiful patterns.

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