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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gemstone necklaces!

These are several necklaces that I have made using gemstones, above each necklace there will be all the info =)

This one is my Tiffany inspired necklaces, Tiffany as in the glass man, son of the Tiffany and Co diamonds. I love his stained glass work, and looking at this pendant reminded me of his favrile glass. The pendant is glass, the gemstones are amber, sea opal (technically glass but I have seen many companies list it under gemstones) green averturine, and black agate. I got all of my strands from fire mountain gems. They have amazing sales for a dollar and some change for a 16 inch strand. The most I pay is about 5 bucks, depending on the length.

upclose, not much of a difference lol

These beautiful agate beads my brother bought them on ebay for me. The price was relatively cheap as well. I love the bands on them, just beautiful and amazing! The photos does not do them justice lol! the green pearls are glass and the faceted carnelian beads are also from him from ebay lol

Upclose you can see the bands, not a good enough photo, these beads are a stunner

I got this lovely focal bead (it lays on its side on my neck, maybe I'll take another picture of it on later on) from beadaholique for free! Its an agate, similar to the other ones. I used leftover carnelian beads and goldstone (another manmade stone, funny story of how they made it, two friars one fell, dropping the glass and gold flakes wham invention of goldstone! lol) and the clear is just glass

This necklace is pretty old, one of the first I made using gemstones, two years after I met my sweetheart, and it is still around! I got all of the beads from firemountaingems.com  They had a huge sale at the time, dollar strands! I made two, the other I gave to my Godmother! The yellow agate is beautiful as well as the dyed mountain Jade (which I believe it's just a type of marble), both strands were 16 inches for a buck! The chips are Serpentine and I believe the purple is fuschia dyed chalk turquoise, 36 inches for a dollar! The pedant has real tiny flowers in it preserved it! I believe it was about 2 bucks, I really wish I bought more! Many were sold out lol I think they also have their own catergory of these guys but way pricy too


These are malachite and averenturine beads, the drops are dyed quartz!


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