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Friday, April 20, 2012

Jewelry posts! Choker necklaces

I will be making a lot of posts about my jewelry these next few days/ weeks, depending on how busy I am lol! I will try to break them up into categories, Chokers, Cameos, Shell (pendants and beads), Gemstones, Glass, Gemstone/Glass/etc mix, along with a small post on my swarovski necklaces and lucite vintage beads necklaces! Also I did some pendants using stamps with pearl ex and polymer clay, there will be a post on that too!

Today's post will be on these choker victorian( some refer to it as gothic, but not as in the whole "Goth" culture thing, as in Gothic style churches, etc, I prefer that kind of Gothic and Victorian, Edwardian might also be a good name for it lol) necklaces I have made. I only did three of these since they are time consuming even though I did manage to do two in one week, I was on a roll that time lol! They are really relaxing and though time consuming, pretty easy!

This is actually the first of it's kind that I did, it has over 500 beads, the gold ones are real freshwater gold dyed rice grain shaped pearls that I bought at firemountaingems.com I think they were about two bucks for the strand, it was on sale. The lovely darker beads I got at a super sale at save a thon, I think it was 3 bags for a dollar, 5 bags for 2 bucks, that was more than enough for this necklace, you'll see what I mean :)


I used the same darker beads in this necklace, I found this one easier to make, had it done in about 2 hours, time flies when you're having fun! I normally multitask too while making crafts, eg: Talking to the hubby, just relaxing in his prescence, or listening to those good old radio tv shows like Baby Snooks.


This is another necklace I did of its kind also last year, this one was a lot quicker. Its purple and blue, I also got those beads for that same sale. The Kyanite beads and the bigger class beads at the bottom are from ebay and michaels. This one is more Rococo/ Baroque, soft colors lol

My next post will probably be later on today, I want to work on some Mothers day cards and get a lot of other stuff done lol! They will be on the cameo necklaces that I usually wear and everyone at Church and around the city love! Take Care God Bless!

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