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I love doing crafts of all kinds, cardmaking, beading, scrapbooking amoung other things. I love going to art galleries, museums as well as other places. I usually don't blog but I decided to do so for a portfolio type thing. I'll try to update this every now and then lol This is just to share random craft thoughts, products, sites, and what not :D I love following other crafters and stuff, I mainly use yotube, kathykat216, 34,000+ views and counting, 72 subs too :D

Monday, April 16, 2012

Metropolitan Museum mini album using sizzix die quilling books at end of...

This is a video of a mini album I did, you can see my other youtube videos on there including lots of other mini albums and stuff lol. There's also a video of the Easter Cards I previously posted.  I also started to show some quilling books but my camera was super loaded with a bunch of photos from Brooklyn musuem, Prospect Park, the Botanical Garden etc etc etc lol Any questions just ask :D  Also if you see the previous post on the little mini book, I shortned mines, cut out the cover and backing from mines, and glued it to the last pages of the album and added photos of artwork on there

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