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Saturday, May 26, 2012

How I create my scallop crinkle ruffled distress smooch flower etc etc lol! Plus the Finished card!

I had some difficult arranging the order of the photos but they're all in the correct order now! I've seen this tutorial before on youtube a few years ago, I used to do it with the cricut but I've become procuttlebug ever since my cousin got me into spellbinders, the cricut is still good for other things but i sooo prefer spellbinders now lol! I've done these to put them in my ceramics projects for class, my yellow with orange marmalade distress ink totally fooled everyone into thinking they were real dried up flowers, until the saw the shimmer lol.

I used the second small size of the beaded oval, you can use that or the scalloped oval doesn't matter and no need to emboss them with the rubber mat either. Cut about 6-8 depending how full you want it. I poked a hole through each one with my double sided embosser/ piercer thingy, and I distressed it with dusty concord, the dark purple color. Then I spritzed each of them with water and Smooch mixed berry spray (1.99 at Blitsy.com) and crumbled them. Don't wet them too much just a light spritz and use slightly thicker paper so it doesn't tear.

 To speed it up a bit heat dry them with an embosser gun(btw my nails match the flower lol! That's the magnetic nail polish from ebay lol!) Afterwards uncrumble them and push a small brad through the flower, this way you can stack them all up, then close the brad.

It should look likethe first photo after you stack it up then one by one crumble the flower up layer by layer smoosh it so it will  look like the second photo, you should have like a small ball. After wards spritz it with a little more water or glitter mist of your choice (I used the mixed berry spray again, I have a purple tattered angels one but I wanted to try this one since it just came in lol). Afterwards uncrumble and it should look like the last photo :D

Using the smallest scalloped I repeated the entire process, I used six of them, they came out so tiny and cute! The spritz spray I used is electric blue, and the pad color is called broken china

 The finished card! I did it for my friend, she loves cats as well :D The stamps is from Lablance stamps, I got them on www.scrap-mart.com it was on sale 40 off! I decorated it with the stickles, used some powder pearl chalk on the rim, tombow markers, and sakura glaze pen for the blue flower and kitty's eyes! The leaves are also spellbinders, and the shape that the kitty is cut out with is an embossed spellbinder cut out.


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