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I love doing crafts of all kinds, cardmaking, beading, scrapbooking amoung other things. I love going to art galleries, museums as well as other places. I usually don't blog but I decided to do so for a portfolio type thing. I'll try to update this every now and then lol This is just to share random craft thoughts, products, sites, and what not :D I love following other crafters and stuff, I mainly use yotube, kathykat216, 34,000+ views and counting, 72 subs too :D

Monday, May 7, 2012

Making a skirt from a pillow case! As well as some other jazz

This is the pin for it at pinterest, awesome site!


Instructions! You can click the pin or this link

I had a leopard print pillow case (2 for a buck at conways) so I used that to try it out and it worked! It fits nicely a little loose but good, I used a leather sash belt thingy I got on ebay for two bucks plus free shipping. I need to take a better photo of it, the image got fuzzy since the brown on the skirt pulls out the brown from the floor lol.

I usually find awesome deals on ebay :D I tend to buy all sorts of random things from clothes to accessories.  I recently ordered a small frying pan that cooks eggs, pancakes etc into a heart shape for 3 bucks (on sale from 6 on the site) and free shipping! I also bought these egg molds, you can get them at 25 cents bidding, i saw them in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGzpLhflTfI I want to use them for the eggs but to make mini onigiris :D I'm thinking of planning an anniversary dinner/snack whatever if my dad doesn't do his yummy lasagna lol something else that I have been up to

I cut these flowers out with the Tim Holtz sizzix die tattered florals die on my cuttlebug, I forgot to show it with the lace I attached to it to tie it up around my neck. It makes an awesome floral/collar necklace! That's all for today, I have been doing other stuff, next few weeks are going to be pretty busy with finals and anniversary coming soon! :D


  1. what a fab way to use scrappy tools for making accessories

    1. Thanks! I want to try making earrings as well but I haven't had the chance to :)