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I love doing crafts of all kinds, cardmaking, beading, scrapbooking amoung other things. I love going to art galleries, museums as well as other places. I usually don't blog but I decided to do so for a portfolio type thing. I'll try to update this every now and then lol This is just to share random craft thoughts, products, sites, and what not :D I love following other crafters and stuff, I mainly use yotube, kathykat216, 34,000+ views and counting, 72 subs too :D

Monday, June 25, 2012

Some Mermaid Parade photos!

(this sign greeted everyone on the way to Brooklyn, Marty's awesome!! He even gave the graduation speech at my junior high lol!)

Hey everyone!!
These are some photos from Saturdays, Coney Island Mermaid Parade!!! I took over 300 photos(not counting the ones of me, my fiance, my sis and her boyfriend lol). All of them are on my facebook, I wanted to add more here but it's not working out right :(
There were so many gorgeous mermaid outfits over there adorned with glitter, sequins, shells, and stars! However not all were dressed as mermaids but as pirates, sailors, popeye, aquaman, coneheads, muppet mermaids(Miss piggy) and as even ronald mcdonald! People were on stilts as well, my favorite was the Uncle Sam and this other young guy that was literally dancing with them on! There was also a mini fire show which was amazing! Marching bands were playing, comedy routines, everything! Dogs were also dressed and decked out in adorable outfits as well! There were also many old fashion bikes, cycles, and cars from the past, including an old police car similar to the one from Car 54(which took place in Brooklyn!), and a car that had a very realistic Marilyn Monroe (cutout?) in the back! They even had balloons which I heard was a first! There was also a thing called "Mermageddon" based on the 2012 Mayan legend with several mermaids wearing exotic head gears and several were pulling along a pyramid with flames. There was also a Elvis "merman"! There were other cool floats that had music blasting, and the mermaids and sailor on board would throw candies, shirts, balls, necklaces, and other little things to the crowds! My hubby caught me a necklace and a shirt for himself (not sure if it was from sailor Jerry's or another one of those cars). Even though it was extremely packed we still managed to get front row seats!! The Brooklyn Cyclones mascot pointed us out too (photo somewhere down below)! We really had a great time and I can't wait to go back next year!

Two of my favorites!

Mermaids ice skating! Love the colors!

The cyclone float!! One of Coney's famous rides!

                            What a Hot Rod!
                              A man bathing in the car!                Gorgeous colors!
                                Similar to Car 54!                             "Good Humour"

                              Sailor Jerry's!                             Her outfit was so cute!                             

                              Where the wild things are!             Cleopatra float!

Really Pretty!                     Uncle Sam!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

A little scrapbook I made :D plus a birthday card!

Hey Everyone!!
These are some photos from random photos of a miniscrapbook I just started yesterday from our daye at the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain! The first photo is the inside of the cover, random letters that spell out Brooklyn and the date! The second photo is the third photo of the scrapbook, photo of me in front of the place, stamped cupcakes and swirls(stamped with momento dew drops in brilliance, pretty pearl shine a little like perfect pearls). The third photo is the fourth page, some retro soda fountain clipart, the Hi Cupcake is a stamp from a cupcake birthday set that I got on clearance from Michaels for about 2 bucks! The next photo is the amazing brownie sundae!
The photo after it I used some K and company paper(it was 12 by 12, chopped it down to 6 by 6), I can't remember the name of the pad but Amazing Savings still has it for 3.99! It has a lot of cute retro patterns and things, I've never seen it at Michaels and the typical 12 by 12 K and Company Pad sells anywhere from 12 to 20 bucks! The Vinyl and the Sundae are images I found online! The next page is my favorite!! It's my cover photo on facebook! Above it I stamped you're so sweet (from the same stamp set), and above it is a rub-on that says Irresistable along with it's definition and two sundae stickers at the bottom. The word "Chocolate" is part of the paper! Last but not least is photo of mines that I like very much :D It has the little red shoes I got for 12 bucks, the hat that I mentioned that I purchased from Claires, it matched my dress perfectly! I've had the dress since highschool lol! I was shopping around when I found it. I've had several polka dot dresses/skirts, around here Shoppers World and Pretty Girl sells gorgeous vintage like (they have modern things too) fashion for great prices, anywhere from 20 to 8 bucks for a dress(depends on the size, smaller size are less, I'm really lucky lol!). Originally I wanted to wear it to the doo wop concert, but it was too cold, and it was raining on the day I went to see Fonzi so I didn't wear it then either. It was perfect for this day though! Not too cold or hot, just perfect sunny weather!

This is a card I made for my uncle who loves horses! I embossed the back paper (it's a beige woodgrain) with the cuttlebug star folder and using the little Tim Holtz stamping blending tool thing (can't remember the right name lol) and rubbed some barn yard red distress ink over it! I cut the horse with a spellbinder (label something, I never remember the pretty shapes, they're usually called labels so and so, I think this one is label 13, don't keep the cardboard because I store all of mines in the art bin storage case, but I got magnetic sheets elsewhere really cheap!). I used several different distress inks to make the background and those ranger acrylic dabbers for the white clouds. The horse is painted with vintage photo distress ink (take a plain paint brush and pass it on the ink pad and it works like a marker!), and some white for highlights on the mane and body.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Awesome blog find, "Book Review" and Embroidery stuff!

Hey everyone!!

Happy Father's Day!!!! A quick post before things set off :D I was looking through pinterest and found these two amazing blogs with tons of cutesy/kitschy vintage images!!! I love images like these they are super cute!
Here's the link
and here's a sample of what she puts on her blog, aren't they cute???

Here's also a book I want to share with everyone! It's called The Craftster guide to nifty, thrifty and kitschy crafts! 
I bought it from www.Hamiltonbook.com about 2-3 years ago! 
They have lots of great craft ideas including:
- Cigar boxes into jewlery boxes
-Old books into purses
-Pillows made out of felt featuring the card suits  

 -Beaded fruit with styrofoam, (I did a Christmas tree and balls way back using a similar
technique, beads and sequins) 
  -Towel cloth and Lion cloth (wouldn't mind seeing my fiance in one ;)
-Aprons made out of ties
- Using Vintage fabrics to make a tailored dickey (fake collar) 
-Creating old album covers to make notebook and scrapbook covers
-Using vintage fabrics to create an over the door caddie 
- loads of holidays crafts and more! 
Some of the crafts come from the pack-o-fun.com site as mentioned in the book!

These are some images of my favorite crafts from here! The first shows you how to make a letter monogram, like Laverne's L on Laverne and Shirley! The second one shows how to make a bowl for goodies out of old records, I couldn't imagine doing that to my Paul Anka record lol! The last one shows a magnet doll face, we have several of those but with the full dress in teal and peach!

These are some Embroidery things I have been working on!

if you are a flickr member you can see the pattern images below in these two groups! From what I understand it's free! I downloaded lots of the patterns, really cute and vintagey!