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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Anchor necklace and mermaid collar! Plus a Coney Island Mini albu

Hey everyone!! Just a small quick entry! Been busy lately :)

I bought these anchor cameos off of ebay, 10 for 2 bucks free shipping! I created the backpart using polymer clay and the pearl ex powders, same as I did for several others in an earlier entry :) I want it to match my awesome sailor dresses for when I go to Coney Island and the seaport!

 This is a "Mermaid Collar", least I call it that way lol! The Coney Island Mermaid Parade is one June 23, can't wait to go! Expect to see more mermaid/sea themes within the next few posts! I saw the image in a bead magazine, I usually snip things that I like and put it all in one big binder! Here's the image:

Here's my version:
It looks just as good on :D the tube beads that I chose have a pretty shimmer to them along with a sort of twist. They are available at firemountaingems.com the small little bicones are swarovski and czech glass.

 These are some pretty pendant/lockets I got from them as well. They were on sale for a 1.50/ 2.00 bucks don't remember well but it was worth the buy!

Speaking of Coney Island here's a mini album I did last year! I used some graphic 45,k and company and other vintage love type of papers! That's all folks!

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