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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Awesome blog find, "Book Review" and Embroidery stuff!

Hey everyone!!

Happy Father's Day!!!! A quick post before things set off :D I was looking through pinterest and found these two amazing blogs with tons of cutesy/kitschy vintage images!!! I love images like these they are super cute!
Here's the link
and here's a sample of what she puts on her blog, aren't they cute???

Here's also a book I want to share with everyone! It's called The Craftster guide to nifty, thrifty and kitschy crafts! 
I bought it from www.Hamiltonbook.com about 2-3 years ago! 
They have lots of great craft ideas including:
- Cigar boxes into jewlery boxes
-Old books into purses
-Pillows made out of felt featuring the card suits  

 -Beaded fruit with styrofoam, (I did a Christmas tree and balls way back using a similar
technique, beads and sequins) 
  -Towel cloth and Lion cloth (wouldn't mind seeing my fiance in one ;)
-Aprons made out of ties
- Using Vintage fabrics to make a tailored dickey (fake collar) 
-Creating old album covers to make notebook and scrapbook covers
-Using vintage fabrics to create an over the door caddie 
- loads of holidays crafts and more! 
Some of the crafts come from the pack-o-fun.com site as mentioned in the book!

These are some images of my favorite crafts from here! The first shows you how to make a letter monogram, like Laverne's L on Laverne and Shirley! The second one shows how to make a bowl for goodies out of old records, I couldn't imagine doing that to my Paul Anka record lol! The last one shows a magnet doll face, we have several of those but with the full dress in teal and peach!

These are some Embroidery things I have been working on!

if you are a flickr member you can see the pattern images below in these two groups! From what I understand it's free! I downloaded lots of the patterns, really cute and vintagey!



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