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Monday, June 4, 2012

A Very Cheery Cherry Set!

Hey everyone! I started this set a while back when my cherries earrings from Avon broke :( Still Have the ankle bracelet though! I had it since around the beginning of highschool, I remember because I wore it with my cherries shirt to the Italian festival, gotta wear something red,white and green! I've been meaning to finish up the bracelet so I could publish this entry entirely! Speaking of cherries/fruits I also did a necklace about 3-4 years ago with faceted orange quartz that looks like orange juice drops!

These are the earrings! The first is faceted, so I call them fancy cherries lol! The faceted green briolette is a gemstone of some sort, I can't remember the name because it was from a mix sort. The second set I used Czech druk beads and czech leaves. Fire Mountain Gems has really great prices on these Czech beads. The earrings are super easy to make you need just a few headpins and green leafy like beads, and red beads that looks like cherries :D you can also use blue beads for blueberries!

 This is the necklace, I made the cherries using the same faceted beads. It looks better on so I will try to take a photo with it on soon :) (there will be another entry on the ring I plan on making for this too, I like having the entire set to match!)
 Upclose, I used a faceted teardrop for the leaf since the hole was bigger to string it onto the necklace.

This is a chacha bracelet! I ordered it from fire mountain gems, I think I posted an earlier entry of the bigger one I did with the lucite vintage flower beads. I showed it at the end of the scarlett o'hara video I believe. I used pearls and and the red faceted ones in this bracelet to make the cherries. I still need to add about 5 beads to complete!

This is upclose of the bigger cherry, above is the smaller cherry

This is an old bracelet I did back in highschool to match the old shirt I wore, sadly I don't have the shirt anymore, I overwore it till it got old lol! On the otherhand I still have this sexy and cute red and black cherry dress I bought from the Pretty Girl store in my neighborhood 2-3 years ago! It's a gorgeous dress that I got on sale for 8 bucks! On the tag it said it was originally from hot topic and it sold for 40 bucks. I never really wandered into hot topic so I'm unsure about that.
Stay tuned for the Cherry ring and other photos that I will put up!

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