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Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm all choked up :P Italian festival and some choker necklaces!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for being gone a bit, all over the place as usual! Went to an awesome NYC Firefighter museum where they had lots of great old fashion trucks and a touching WTC memorial. Also went to the Italian festival and several other places despite the on and off heatwave lol! Plenty of crafting got done during the intense heatwave too lots of photos below :D 

Here are two photos of the feast. It's basically a Catholic feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel(same name of the church) in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It consists of the Giglio a really tall Italian post, I have a picture of it but it doesn't want to upload. The last time I went about 4 years ago the post was Gold with beige, now it's light blue which gives it a more heavenly feel :D Part of the giglio can be seen in the first photo. Lots of fun Italian music is played as seen by the band :). As Catholics Saints are an important part of religion, they help intercede for us as Moses did in the old testament for the Israelites. Not only that but they're are great role models that allow us to be like them to be closer to God/Jesus :)

Here are some beading photos from things that I created. I thank God constantly for this great artistic gift!

I was browsing through ebay for different cameos and things when I came upon this Audrey Hepburn ring (apparently the person selling didn't know who she was and just referred to the ring as "queen portrait ring) for a buck + free shipping! Anywho I kept checking back frequently to see if the seller had more items and last week I saw this pendant of her for 1.09 + free shipping along with several other pendants! I wasn't fond of the chain that it came with so I decided to weave this choker and put the pendant on there! The black faceted beads are from blue moon beads (firemountaingems.com), the clear faceted rondelle beads are from michaels, and the freshwater pearls from ebay, 2 bucks free shipping about 100 beads on that strand!

 Here is another choker that I made during the weekend using mixed reds. I used various beads from michaels, ac moore, and firemountaingems.com. The briolettes that are hanging are swarovski, I'm not sure if firemountaingems.com carries them anymore. I originally ordered one for a pendant but my dad told me to order several more since they reminded him of the drops of precious blood of Jesus. I have four but I only put up three, which reminds me of the Divine Trinity, Father, Son, Holy Spirit :)

  Here is another bracelet I've been working on using freshwater pearls and faceted rondelles.

 Here's a "reversible choker". I glued the cameo onto felt (beadwork 2007 magazine I believe, I keep several pages of magazines of things I want to do and what not I've been subscribed to several bead magazines since 2005), and then I sewed rondelles and drops on to it.The original pattern was to make a bracelet, instead I attached a "buckle" (piece of felt) so that I can pass the ribbon through. The ribbon is actually from an old victoria's secret box that I found really pretty!

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