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Friday, July 6, 2012

Kitschy cute kitties!

Hey Everyone!
This is just a small entry on some kitties I made in my ceramics class(my area of concentration). I can't believe I forgot to post on this, I posted an old entry on one of the kitties I did and said I would post again on all of the kitties altogether though I haven't finished taking photos yet. Altogether I did about 30 of them, maybe more lol. 2 I gave to my hubby the rest I wound up keeping, I don't remember if I gave any others away. I got the mold on ebay, Duncan brand, 1976-7. It really reminded me of this big kitty here in the middle that I had literally forever so far lol. I decided to glaze two clear and paint it similarly to the big one.

Many of the glazes I used are Amaco and ducan. A lot of the glazes I used are crystallites like cranberry burst, kaleidoscope, turquoise blue,  monet's garden, and masquerade. One is a cascade glaze but that photo isn't on here yet. I also used antique silver and metallic black. These are all commercial glazes and as with all glazes they react differently depending on clay body and temperature. I used slip cast and regular studio clay, firing both to cone 04-06, (slipcast can't be fired to Cone 4-6, but I always stuck to low fire for the crystallites effect) and I've seen completely different reactions with the peacock glaze. On a regular studio clay body it can have this nice shiny marble like effect of brown and glossy olive if the glaze is not on too much. If the glaze is applied on thickly it's not so nice (at least in my opinion lol). On a slipcast body it is a lovely matte marigold/brown color.

 Some I have to take photos of the "Chesire Cat", "Pinta", 'Glamour Pink Kitty" and several others. Also all of these glazes I bought at Ceramic Supply, the peacock color I purchases at Blicks but it can also be found at ceramic supply.

                             "Mother Kitsch" lol these are       This one is glazes in peacock
                              some of the many kitties.            

                            "Playing around" with the other       Like real cats they get everywhere lol
                             cats in my collection
                            I love how their colors matched       Glamour kitty, the pinks and blacks
                           with him lol I did about 5                  matched with her perfectly!
                           kaleidoscope(glaze color amaco)

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