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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some more chokers and an interesting video :)

Hey Everyone!!

Hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday! I always start off every Sunday by attending mass. Here is a video of something that I saw a while ago that I've been meaning to share. There are many videos of different and more saints on youtube. The fact that the bodies of these Saint do not corrupt is truly a miracle! Many of these Saints intercede for us the way Moses and all the Prophets interceded for the Israelites, it is not that we see them or worship them as God. As mentioned in these videos many of the people are cured from the oils that are secreted from these Saints. These videos provide testimony to the many miracles performed by Christ! 

Here are some choker necklaces that I have been working on :) I get all of my beads from the usual places, firemountaingems.com, acmoore michaels, beadaholique, and other ebay stores. I try making the set for the most part, I have yet to do the earrings and bracelet for the pink and green ones as well as the one with the cameo! More to come when I get around to making them, I have been doing all sorts of things and with another heatwave coming in I turn it into productivity lol! Either by going to interesting places, crafting, reading the bible (up to the second book of Kings) and I've been watching old movies that I haven't seen in ages! Just yesterday I saw Breakfast at Tiffany which is where I'm getting the inspiration for these choker collars!

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