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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Where are you little star?

On my earrings and bracelet of course!  Hey everyone!!! Hope everyone has had a blessed great day! Here's an awesome oldies song plus a bracelet and some earrings I made :)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star By the Elegants

 There are many great doo wop songs with the word "star" in it but if I post all of them up this will become more like my old xanga (it was a rock n roll blog started it in jr high got caught up with so many other things that I closed it down) instead of a regular craft blog lol!

The stars I bought at Michaels yesterday. They had a 50 off sale on the beads so of course I just had to go! These starfish beads came in a pack of 9; faceted, very shimmery, and beautiful!

The bracelet is entirely crystalized, faceted bicones from crystazzi and the faceted blue helix, everything I got from Michaels. On ebay you can find the faceted helix beads for amazing prices, 100 for 4 bucks and some changed, not bad when Michaels has about 10/12 for 3 bucks. I originally bought these helix about 2 years ago at Michaels and they still carry them!

 The stars were enough for two sets of earrings!

Here's a choker set that I made using the faceted helix beads that I bought from ebay. Same great quality!

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