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Friday, August 17, 2012

An ankle bracelet, or a regular bracelet!

I love to make bracelets to match the necklaces and earrings that I make! Sometimes I buy small strands that are just enough for a single bracelet, or I buy chunky beads and showcased them with smaller beads for fun.
Normally after I make bracelets such as the ones above, I wind up with several extra beads. And half the time I don't know what to do with them! They are too big to go on a card or to be used as scrapbook embellishments (I really need to take photos of the old 12 by 12 albums I used to do lol). Sooo instead I clump together several similar shades and make a charm bracelet :D
For this one I thought of creamy fall colors, so all of the leftover beads went in here!

For this one I thought of the ocean and I threw in several shades of leftover blues!

Speaking of bracelets this reminds me of a Doo Wop song by the Pyramids!

Ankle Bracelet by The Pyramids

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