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Friday, August 17, 2012

Seaport mini album

Good morning everyone!!!

Hope everyone is having a blessed morning!! Here are some pages I scrapped up of our visit to the seaport :D I like to keep scrapbooks a little simple, with more emphasis on stampings, I don't like to layer too many things like I do in cards lol I used some gold embossing powder that I bought at Gary M. Burlington in MA at a convention last year along with some red orange with gold glitter from Michaels. What I learned from Pinterest is that you can use a used dryer sheet instead of  buying an embossing buddy so that the images don't come out spotted. I've only had the spotting problem with black embossing powder, all of the others have come out fine thank God! The only spotting I like is with white, it looks like little snowflakes! I also used rub ons on most of the pages, they were too cute! It's hard to see in the photos but I'm wearing one of  my polka dot dresses :D (I'm looking forward to looking through old photographs throughout the years to see if I can make an all polka dot album, I've worn polka dots forever it seems lol!), while my hubby(now ex) is wearing a sailor hat. I thought it would look really good on him and of course it did! 

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