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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random stuff including an etching :P

Hey everyone!!!!

I've been up to a lot lately including back to etching! If you remember the photo I posted here a few weeks ago about an image that appeared on the altar, here is my etching rendition of it :D This is just the first proof, I need to work on it some more as well as do the aquatint for it. Etching is a very fun process that involves using soft ground, hard ground, or dry point on a copper or zinc plate. If you're using either grounds you need to etch the zinc or copper plate in different acids for some time (20 mins for zinc; also if you leave it too long in acid it'll start to bite a little here and there like small little marks). After it's etched clean off with mineral spirits and alcohol then you're ready to pull prints! I plan on touching it up a bit more, not sure if I want to do it dry point or soft ground again. I do want to do aquatint after which is going to give it the shadow/color effect! 

Here's a choker that I finished all pink :D

That's it for now! I have some fall cards to post up for next time!
Take care everyone and God bless!!!

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