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I love doing crafts of all kinds, cardmaking, beading, scrapbooking amoung other things. I love going to art galleries, museums as well as other places. I usually don't blog but I decided to do so for a portfolio type thing. I'll try to update this every now and then lol This is just to share random craft thoughts, products, sites, and what not :D I love following other crafters and stuff, I mainly use yotube, kathykat216, 34,000+ views and counting, 72 subs too :D

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Polyclay pendants

I try posting 2-3 entries at a time (just scroll under each entry and you'll see the next one), otherwise it'll be another longgg while before I post lol. This post is on polyclay pendants, I describe each piece further above each photo :)

I printed out these images, cut them out and applied glossy accents over them

Gone with the wind! I brushed gold pearl ex powder over it & baked it. The beads are from Michaels, firemountaingems.com, and ac moore

 Wizard of Oz, the veads are from michaels and fire mountain gems

Upclose blue green duo pearl ex brushed onto the polymer clay

I will post more entries on polymer clay (I was trying these out did not glue them in like this the whit flower is in a white setting the beige with peach/red is in a red orange setting etc lol)

Cheeky Cherry from Greeting Farm Earrings along with some cards!

These are some earrings I did using the Cheeky Cherry Stamps from Greeting Farm, I got the stamps through scrapyland, I have other stamps, including cheeky glamour which I did for valentines day cards for my aunts, I did them really simple the link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mJIYpRDYg0

These are cheeky beach earrings XD I used shrinky dinks beige, I bought clear but I'm not so crazy about it lol I will play around with those more when I get the chance

Below is the link from where I got the idea, it's super cool and easy :D I did others for charms but I haven't attached them to my charm bracelet yet lol

This is a card I did for one of my best friends, love her! The doll is cheeky rockabilly, they are super adorable, I embossed her with blue glitter embossing powder, I learned this trick on pinterest that gives me perfect embossing everytime! I used spellbinders butterfly circle (largest size), flourishes (glitter blue paper flourish, paper from dcwv) and the flower I did using a scalloped oval, I inked it all up with broken china blue distress ink from Tim Holtz (Love the book and bag Tim!! :D) and I spritzed it with honey dew glitter mist from tattered angels, I got 4 of them,big regular size for 10 bucks at scrapmart at the heirloom convention!

This is a tag I did for my aunt, I stamped the doll with shiny blue tsukineko ink I was dying to use it lol! I did those flourishes using liquid pearls and I used it to do her jewelry as well! I colored her up with sakura glaze and souffle pens. the background is a huge stamp that I got on clearance from scrapbuck, that really huge stamp plus 10 others for 5 bucks, awesome deal!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Short entry on ceramics!

This is another one of those short entries. I do ceramics as part of my major and last semester I did several slip cast cats, and I plan on doing more within this week (did ten today!) The glaze I used is called Kaleidoscope (from ceramic supply NJ), it's a milky color with a lot of different color crystals in it and when its put into the kiln this is the result:

Front view of the kitty, it's from a duncan mold
Back part, it has a little bow :D the colors are awesome, blue, yellow, orange, red, and some green!

I used a rubber stamp, dipped it in underglaze (the russian doll) stamped the clay with it while it was still leather hard, went into the kiln, and then painted it with the same glaze surrounding the doll, its a chunky pendant but i still love it!

I forgot to add this necklace in this post, its my favorite purple fairy necklace!  Browse through my other entries, the cameo, german cameos and chokers are the most viewed ;)

Blue moon pendant necklaces

These are some necklaces that I made using blue moon pendants.

The owl pendant is from Michaels as well as all the beads, the stone is dyed and the little ones are hematite

I also got the pendant and some of the beads from Michaels. The only thing from beadaholique are those gemstone like grey rondelles

This is an awesome peacock pendant(I loveee peacocks) i got from fire mountain, along with all of the other beads. The pendant and coinshaped beads also by blue moon beads selled out super quick, afterall they were all about 1 to 2 bucks! the pearls re black freshwater pearls, 36 inch knotted strand mix with cream ones.

 The cross was given to me by my aunt, its from on of the blue moon collections, or possibly halcraft, those bead strands and pendants that are sometimes 2 for 5 or 2 for 3. The beads are all assorted mainly from the one to two beads leftover from other necklaces and a beadaholique assortment. In my opinion Fire mountain gems ( www.firemountaingems.com ) is the best, they have EVERYTHING, GREAT PRICES THAT ARE ALLLL ASSORTABLE, meaning you buy more AND save more. I also love Beadaholique (www.beadaholique.com) they carry nifty random different things, especially those awesome cameos, vintage german ones too!! One company that has good things from time to time is exholite, I was fulled by their "metal" objects to hold cameos and cabochons, so not worth it for me at least I expected solid like fire mountain not hallowed in the back. The have nifty little trinkets, my uncle once gave me a set of painted eggs (I'll see if i can remember to photograph them) an I once saw and bought a set of their painted serpentine eggs with similar beautiful patterns.

Wirework bead flowers!

This is a pattern that I got from Beadwork magazine. I started doing these kinds of necklaces in highschool, but since the wire was weird it didn't last long. I did both of these around late 2008, I remember more or less because relatives came over from Florida and the mother in law fell in love with the brown one but I didn't have anymore of this awesome wire I bought at beadaholique.

I used a variety of stones/gemstones in this one including fancy jasper, sesame jasper, abbreciated jasper and red jasper. The leaves and small flowers with the gold glass based pearls are glass.

All glass based pearls that I bought from ac moore, the clasp is from firemountaingems.com


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Glass Pearls plus one Freshwater pearl necklace!

These are some glass based pearl necklaces along with a final freshwater pearl necklace. I will include a little bit about each necklace above the photo

I can't remember where I got the pattern for this necklace if it was from a magazine or I saw someone wear something similar lol. It's all glass Czech pearl beads from fire mountain gems and some tiny little beads from them as well

This is mixture of glass czech and crystazzi beads that I got at Michaels and Firemountaingems.com I can't remember where I got the pattern from too but it's in my bead binder of patterns lol


These are also czech glass pearls, 500 mix sizes for 2 dollars i think at firemountaingems.com the brown pearls i believe are from Crystazzi (Michaels) the faceted glass browns are also from Mikes and the K is from Joanns!

This one is from a book I got at Hamiltonbook.com Hierloom jewelry. It's a super simple pattern and I used Freshwater pearls from firemountaingems.com 36inch knotted string for 2 bucks or so. The seed beads are Miyuki beads also from firemountaingems.com

Gemstone necklaces!

These are several necklaces that I have made using gemstones, above each necklace there will be all the info =)

This one is my Tiffany inspired necklaces, Tiffany as in the glass man, son of the Tiffany and Co diamonds. I love his stained glass work, and looking at this pendant reminded me of his favrile glass. The pendant is glass, the gemstones are amber, sea opal (technically glass but I have seen many companies list it under gemstones) green averturine, and black agate. I got all of my strands from fire mountain gems. They have amazing sales for a dollar and some change for a 16 inch strand. The most I pay is about 5 bucks, depending on the length.

upclose, not much of a difference lol

These beautiful agate beads my brother bought them on ebay for me. The price was relatively cheap as well. I love the bands on them, just beautiful and amazing! The photos does not do them justice lol! the green pearls are glass and the faceted carnelian beads are also from him from ebay lol

Upclose you can see the bands, not a good enough photo, these beads are a stunner

I got this lovely focal bead (it lays on its side on my neck, maybe I'll take another picture of it on later on) from beadaholique for free! Its an agate, similar to the other ones. I used leftover carnelian beads and goldstone (another manmade stone, funny story of how they made it, two friars one fell, dropping the glass and gold flakes wham invention of goldstone! lol) and the clear is just glass

This necklace is pretty old, one of the first I made using gemstones, two years after I met my sweetheart, and it is still around! I got all of the beads from firemountaingems.com  They had a huge sale at the time, dollar strands! I made two, the other I gave to my Godmother! The yellow agate is beautiful as well as the dyed mountain Jade (which I believe it's just a type of marble), both strands were 16 inches for a buck! The chips are Serpentine and I believe the purple is fuschia dyed chalk turquoise, 36 inches for a dollar! The pedant has real tiny flowers in it preserved it! I believe it was about 2 bucks, I really wish I bought more! Many were sold out lol I think they also have their own catergory of these guys but way pricy too


These are malachite and averenturine beads, the drops are dyed quartz!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Shell pendants

These are all shell pendants that I bought at the craft stores online and instore. I will post more information when i get the chance, if anyone has questions feel free to ask!

Michaels, AC Moore, Joanns, and Fire Mountain Gems Pendant necklaces!

Figured if I didn't post today I would never be get around to this lol. Just another super quick post.

Pendant and beads all from Firemountaingems.com they are blue moon beads

 upclose, my boyfriend and mom both said the girl looks like me :D

 Pendant from Michaels, beads are from Michaels, fire mountain gems and ebay

Upclose its also a locket!

beads and pendant from ac moore, the pearls are from firemountaingems.com; freshwater

Pendant from Joanns, beads from firemountaingems


Black is beautiful! Several necklaces using mainly black beads

I got these wonderful black beads (one strand) and Alice in wonderland rabbit from Firemountaingems.com last year both from blue moon beads and for a dollar each. I used freshwater pearls and black faceted rondelles.

 upclose, I love it!

I got all of these beads from michaels, the silver pieces were from a bracelet I bought at the dollar store lol the cabochon I think is onyx or agate, it came in a cabochon mix set, and the backing is also from firemountaingems.com

 This floral pendant I bought at AC Moore along with those hanging teardrop shaped beads. The big glass teardrops and the silver pieces were both from an old bracelet I got for a buck in my neighborhood and I wanted to incorporate it here since it echoed the leaves of the pendant.


Another necklace similar to the other black one, except that the stone is hematite